Hi Vickee, You asked whether you were alone in this. I’d say, “No, not by a long shot.” I mean, I don’t want to presume to really know what the experience of a bipolar episodes is like. But surely there is much that is readily relatable in your self-disclosure. For example, I often don’t sleep well and wake up in knots. The muscles around my eyes are taut, and my jaw is nearly clenched. I feel like, “Hell, another day starting off with meager sleep and a buzzy, edgy kind of energy. I’m not feeling that old mantra, “Be Here Now.” I’m wondering how fast I can get out of here and to a better place. I manage not to act on this impulse. And I know you have the wisdom and compassion to hold the most difficult of emotions within your center and to choose to be gently accepting of others and of yourself. To me, this abiding capacity for choice and for wise compassion, which I’ve seen often in your work, is a wonderful quality.

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