Not too much to hope for, Vickee. It is your right as a human being, a tenant, and a member of civil society to have your needs for reasonable quiet at night (and during the day, too) respected. You'd think the "asshole" would not need to be repeatedly awakened to this fact. I appreciated your description of your frustration; I could feel what it was like for you to be at your wit's end. I also appreciated that you separated your own history with disrupted sleep from the disruption that was clearly and intolerably caused by the gal upstairs. May you never again have to deal with such an aggressively obnoxious neighbor.

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Glad to hear you are sleeping through. How wearing, both physically and mentally to have your sleep disrupted!

Is that photo really your house? It looks beautiful. I also live in an old house (1810 or so), but it’s our house and just us to annoy each other.

My work is with dogs ( or was, I’m on my post transplant sabbatical) and a common symptom of canine dementia is being wakeful and noisy in the small hours...made me think of your unreasonable former neighbour!

Fingers crossed for a new era of undisturbed nights. 🤞🏼

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